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Pure Organic Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine Black Pepper Extract & Ginger

Cognitune Turmeric 2

See what real customers are saying on Amazon: Turmeric with BioPerine

COGNITUNE Turmeric Reviews

Great Product

I’ve just started trying to turn aroun my life and treat my body a lot better. Getting back into a workout routine might have been one of the toughest things for me but this supplement really helped me power through that wall. I’ve seen a noticeable reduction in inflammation, mental fog & sugar cravings. I’ll certainly order from this brand again and plan on trying a few more of there products soon. The product came exactly as it stated it would. The capsules were small enough to comfortably swallow and the results I’m feeling are amazing.

The capsules are easy to swallow and since I’ve began using I’ve noticed ...

Very impressed with the quality of ingredients this brand uses. They are fully transparent with what they use and were quick to answer the questions I had. The capsules are easy to swallow and since I’ve began using I’ve noticed slightly less joint pain (in my shoulder) and I’ve been able to get back to my daily routine of training.

Great product !!

Great whole spectrum turmeric blend. Really enjoying the benefits of this one. It’s very easy on my stomach and has been helping with my joints as well.

Athlete’s Review

I decided to add this to my stack because of a podcast I heard. I already take glucosamine for my joint health but this has certainly added to the effects. Been feeling great since!

High quality supplement at a great price

Excellent quality supplement. Neck and neck with the most expensive products out there. Coupled with a healthy diet and efficient workout routine, you will definitely notice the benefits of using turmeric. It's been used as a holistic supplement for over 4,500 years - for good reason.

Be consistent taking it and it will work for you

I will definitely be ordering this product again. It’s helping my joint pain. The capsule is easy to swallow. I have tried other more expensive brands of Tumeric before. This product is at a lower price point but it’s a much better product. Shipping was fast it has been an overall pleasant experience shopping with this company

Great help.

This product has been a gigantic help. I’ve gradually reduced the amount of Aleve/Advil I take on a daily basis. Great natural product to get off any prescriptions.

Noticeable feeling of pain relief

Noticeable feeling of pain relief in my elbows. I'm not sure if it from the turmeric or ginger but it's working.

Pain Relief

I’ve only tried this for a couple of weeks but it seems to relieve some of the pain. Will continue and update.

Excellent product

Noticed quick reductions in my knee inflammation. The product did what it said it would.

Great product

I decided to start taking this along with their thyroid support with hopes to loose weight and take some pressure of the knees which are constantly aching. I’ve lost a decent amount of weight, specifically 11 pounds from the Thyroid Support and feel a renewed relief on my knees. I attribute that to the loss of that weight along with the benefits of this Organic Turmeric Blend.

You've got to try this!!

I’ve been told the benefits of turmeric as an anti-inflammatory so I decided to try it. All I can say is I’m extremely impressed. As I’ve gotten older so has my body. I’ve began noticing pains in places where pain didn’t ever exist. Between my knees and shoulders I’ve been batting inflammation for quite some time. Since I’ve started taking turmeric I haven’t been eating Advil which was my go too. This has proven to be a more effective and certainly healthier option.

Great product! I have had joint pain over the ...

Great product! I have had joint pain over the years and have tried several products..I must say that this product has made a noticeable difference for me!


I am buying several bottles of this supplement, is pretty good product that help with pain, also help with focus your mind at work, then I did buy for friends and family

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